Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chipkos - Merry Flip Flops!

Maria:  One of my favorite presents this Christmas arrived just in the nick of time!  But they were worth the wait.  When the package finally arrived at the door late on Christmas Eve, Gary popped a bow on it, and handed it to me.  I opened it and found my first pair of Chipkos!  What are Chipkos?  Glad you asked!  Chipkos are basically flip-flops, but I would have to say they are the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever worn.  I have had them a week, and other than going to work, or putting on shoes because of the rain, I have basically been wearing them non-stop.  So, how did Gary find these?  I will let him explain.

Gary: The idea came to me in an e-mail from Chipkos (sometimes the best ideas just fall in your lap). I had never heard of them, and I personally am not a fan of flip-flops, but I know that you are, so I was intrigued. They were new, different and looked cool. The price was right and the fact they protect 100 square feet of rain forest with each purchase was a nice bonus. So I picked out a pair of white ones for you for Christmas and left the rest in Santa's hands.

Maria:  So, why do I like my Chipkos so much?  Well, first of all, they feel great!  They are light yet substantial feeling, if that makes any sense.  The foot bed is made from sustainable raffia fiber, and something about it just feels so good on my feet.  Cool and comfy.  The straps are a nice width - not too wide, not too narrow.  They are made of canvas and, again, very comfortable.  According to the Chipkos website, the midsole is made from something called "FormCush" which molds naturally to your feet.  Whatever it is, it feels great!  I also like hearing the "thwack, thwack" sound they make when I walk.  Of course, looks are important too.  The most distinctive thing about the Chipkos is the square toe.  I think it looks really cool, distinctive and appealing.  The materials all seem to be very high quality.  Of course, I've only had my pair for a week, so I can't say yet how durable they are,  But I am confident I will be enjoying them for a long time!

Gary:  They do look really good on you sweetheart. Like we are on vacation at a nice resort!

Maria:  A vacation at a nice resort!  Sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year!

Gary: Yes, well I am afraid we will need to content ourselves to living vicariously through your Chipkos for now. As a gift giver, I am very pleased with my choice. Chipkos really came through for me. Now, to be fair, they did have some shipping issues. I ordered the Chipkos on December 5, received a shipping confirmation on December 6th and then didn't see or hear anything for two weeks after that. I sent an e-mail to Chipkos customer support and heard back from them immediately. The package arrived just is time on Christmas Eve (we open our presents on Christmas Eve) so all's well that ends well.

Maria:  Yes, Chipkos must have a direct line to Santa!  I was so happy my gift arrived on time.   They were the perfect thing to wear on Christmas Day.  We have the family over for Christmas dinner, and with all the people and cooking, it can get warm.  I stayed nice and cool in my red skirt and white Chipkos, and I think they looked very festive too.  All, in all, a great choice, Sweetheart.  Good job!

398627_Chipkos Approach

398627_Gift that Saves the Planet.

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