Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Clock with a Dock!

Maria:  This weekend we set up our latest package at the door - our new clock radio with an iPod dock.  Our old clock radio lost time consistently - 22 minutes and counting.  It was time for a new one!

Gary: And man is this new one cool! It's compact, stylish, well made and programmable with my iphone 3.0 or Maria's iphone 4.0. And it docs our old ipod 32GB. And best of all, it syncs time with the iphones - so no more lost time. Hey, and did I mention it's affordable too? It's a Panasonic RC-DC1 Clock Radio

Maria:  Yeah, it really is cool.  We keep looking at and saying, "wow!"  We spent quite a bit of time thinking about this purchase and looking at different options (very common for us!).  We considered everything from the higher end Bose Wave® premium bundle for iPod®Multiroom Digital Music Systems)and Tivoli (Tivoli Audio Model Three AM/FM Clock Radio, Cherry/Metallic TaupePortable Radios)) options to other more affordable ones (Sony ICFCS10iP Speaker Dock with Alarm Clock and Radio for iPod/iPhone (Black)MP3 Player Speaker Systems)).  While we love the quality of our Bose dock, it houses the 160GB ipod in our living room.  For the limited space in this bedroom we were more concerned with other factors such as size.  And, dare I say it, the "cuteness" factor!

Gary: Ah yes, not everything must pass the Maria "cuteness" factor, but it does help. But the functionality of this unit is what made the sale here. This Panasonic is small enough for our bedroom space, yet with a read out large enough for our fading eyesight. But what I really love about it is that I can program everything from the two alarms to the radio presets from an easy to use app on my iphone. And I can charge my iphone or ipod without using precious plug space!

Maria:  I think for both of us, the app for programming the clock radio is what decided it.  We had an "ah-ha" moment when we realized that this was not just a clock radio with a dock stuck on.  It's a clock radio designed to not only function as a dock, but also take advantage of all the things you can do with an iphone and apps.  The syncing time app will really come in handy when the power goes out.  We'll wish we had it on every clock in the house!

Gary: That's for sure! Of course the sound quality isn't up to Bose standards, but it is better than our old unit and good enough to allow us to listen to our ipod without cringing. A big thumbs up to Panasonic for taking clock radio design into the 21st century!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Gary: Welcome to our new blog - A Package at the Door.

Maria: We love to come home and find a package at our door.  For me it all started ten years ago when every day I'd find a new wedding gift at the door.  It was the dawn of the age of internet shopping!

Gary: Well, to be honest, I get a little nervous if there are too many packages at the door! We have limited space and as financial consultant, I want to make sure we stay within our budget.

Maria:  Well, I do have my practical side too.  Some of my favorite sites offer free shipping and return or make things easy in other ways. Since I work long hours it takes the place of shopping in real stores - especially if I know I can return the "mistakes"!

Gary: And you don't make many mistakes when you buy things since you do such a great job of researching online. You really seem to enjoy it. Actually, I do too - up to a point.

Maria:  You know, you're right. I've come to realize that one of the things I enjoy most about shopping online is being able to read about products, read reviews, compare, etc..  Maybe I am a researcher at heart!  Although I do admit, I can sometimes get a bit obsessed and carried away.

Gary: I think we can all get obsessed at times with things we really care about. For me, it's like a treasure hunt. And that's the part of the reason for starting this block. We want to share our obsession with finding treasures with others!

Maria: That's it exactly!  A treasure hunt.  We love to find hidden (or not so hidden) treasures.  And we are going to enjoy sharing them.

Gary: And hopefully other people will enjoy reading about them and maybe sharing some of their favorite treasures too. So, honey, you get the last word.

Maria: Ok, sweetheart,  I'll accept that since you got the first word!  So I guess all I can say is come join us on our treasure hunt for that perfect package at the door!

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