Saturday, May 28, 2011


Gary: Welcome to our new blog - A Package at the Door.

Maria: We love to come home and find a package at our door.  For me it all started ten years ago when every day I'd find a new wedding gift at the door.  It was the dawn of the age of internet shopping!

Gary: Well, to be honest, I get a little nervous if there are too many packages at the door! We have limited space and as financial consultant, I want to make sure we stay within our budget.

Maria:  Well, I do have my practical side too.  Some of my favorite sites offer free shipping and return or make things easy in other ways. Since I work long hours it takes the place of shopping in real stores - especially if I know I can return the "mistakes"!

Gary: And you don't make many mistakes when you buy things since you do such a great job of researching online. You really seem to enjoy it. Actually, I do too - up to a point.

Maria:  You know, you're right. I've come to realize that one of the things I enjoy most about shopping online is being able to read about products, read reviews, compare, etc..  Maybe I am a researcher at heart!  Although I do admit, I can sometimes get a bit obsessed and carried away.

Gary: I think we can all get obsessed at times with things we really care about. For me, it's like a treasure hunt. And that's the part of the reason for starting this block. We want to share our obsession with finding treasures with others!

Maria: That's it exactly!  A treasure hunt.  We love to find hidden (or not so hidden) treasures.  And we are going to enjoy sharing them.

Gary: And hopefully other people will enjoy reading about them and maybe sharing some of their favorite treasures too. So, honey, you get the last word.

Maria: Ok, sweetheart,  I'll accept that since you got the first word!  So I guess all I can say is come join us on our treasure hunt for that perfect package at the door!

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